A collection of interactive visualizations in Astronomy

Zero Shadow Day

Find ZSD for any location.

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One year around the sun

Orbit of earth, zero shadow day on earth, equation of time and analemma!

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Zero Shadow Moment

Track how the zero shadow moment moves across the globe.

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Planet Days

Difference in daylengths for the planets of our solar system.

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Analemma Generator

Generate Analemma for any planet. See how orbital parameters change the analemma.

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Gravitational Lensing

See how an eclipsed star bends the stars in the background.

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Jovian Spiral

See the spiraling motion of the Galilean moons.

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Tropic of Cancer Variation

See how the obliquitiy of earths axis changes.

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Shanku Yantra

Generate Shanku Yantra for any location.

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Zenith Distance and Declination Visualized.

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Lunar Eclipse 31 January 2018

Info on lunar eclipse.

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