Variation in Tropic Of Cancer

The tilt of the earth is not a constant. It is varying continously with time. Therefore there is variation in Tropic Of Cancer with time. Just choose the date and see the position of Tropic Of Cancer.

For reference the positions of Vedhshala in Ujjain and the newly constructed Dongla Observatory has also been marked.



Obliquity :

The value used is the mean value of Obliquity of the ecliptic. The formula used is by Laskar and is accurate to over several arcseconds over 10,000 years.

ε = 23° 26′ 21.448″ − 4680.93″ T − 1.55″ T2 + 1999.25″ T3 − 51.38″ T4 − 249.67″ T5 − 39.05″ T6 + 7.12″ T7 + 27.87″ T8 + 5.79″ T9 + 2.45″ T10
Made by Alok Mandavgane Aryabhat
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